This website provides a public source for remarks and observations being shared by scientist and innovator Marc Newkirk. These appear in the form of periodically scheduled lectures and subsequent video recordings of those presentations, along with occasional radio and televised interviews.

The information provided by Marc is furnished without attachment as to whether others are in agreement with all or any of it. It constitutes a singular perspective being shared with the hope that it may serve useful to those who wish to hear it. Since everyone has a unique viewpoint and all experiences exist within each observer, everyone is encouraged to apply their own judgment and discretion as to what portion of the information is useful to them, and to discard anything from this or any source that is not.


In addition to spending five decades at the forefront of cutting edge science and technological innovation, Marc Newkirk has been extensively trained in prayer and meditation techniques, remote viewing protocols, and his perception assisted by more than 350 sessions through the technological “training wheels” comprising the consciousness raising environments known as Lightfield and FLO. He considers the information provided herein to be derived from a combination of memory and experiences from his own present and past lives, introspection using the technologies and techniques in which he has been trained, inspirational downloads from what he  regards as higher dimensional aspects of his own consciousness and those of spiritual guides, and that limited portion of the information which he perceives to be true from the blizzard of data exposure to which we are all subjected in the information age of “news” media, internet, and other publications and sources.